anyone but you
very cute and funny
i found myself imagining how cool the doctor is,
also the lovable Fred, hihihihi
oyea, the relationship between them and duffy duck boxer made me giggle, haha

the duff
really interested on the classic drama of ugly duckling met handsome prince but this story aint involve any prince (but heyy, Wesley think he IS the PRINCE), it really reminds me of high school thing (ofcourse with less sex scenes drama)….teens really need MAJOR HELP
i thought it would be cheesy, but the storyline is cool, except for the stupid problem solving decision which is SUPER WEIRD and HEH? I Dont Believe It!!, also i dont like the rushing speed of resolution here, it feels too strange, ewwww

just the sexiest man alive
i thought there will be graphicals, ha
it is a cute loving story (adult too can still experience it!), hehe, dont alot like it
also unnecessary Scott twists in it are really UNIMPORTANT, Im not sure why the author put him in this story where he contributes nothing than UNRESOLVED strategy to drag the main character down, how pathetic