I found Dexter series in a friend’s HD… I thought about it for awhile, cz I’m not a fan of thriller movies or anything that involved tragic murders/homicides with all of those pictures that haunted me, errgh……

But then, I tried to embrace this series, and finally decide to try it. So here it is!

Dexter Season 1

Very thrilled to watch every single episodes at once, but I have to go to work, sooo I have to wait until weekend, wow…such a patience! :D…. I developed an expectation towards our Dexter… I want him to never get caught and live a long life with Rita and the kidz. He murdered many dangerous people though, thats make me a little twisted… I no longer understand how to differentiate the meaning of good and evil…phew

Dexter Season 2

Personally, I love Dexter Season 1….. Dexter took control of his life, but suddenly there was this lunatic bitch, called Lila..ugh I hate her… I don”t know why Dexter fallen for her (oh cmon). I can’t believe that cool Dexter would turned up to be such a fool and asshole, ups sorry Dex, I have to told you the truth

So, that is my opinion… How about yours?

I’m sorry I kinda late to watch this series,

but hey…I’m really regret that, wish I could watch it earlier 🙂